Thursday, February 25, 2010

Be An Original Fashionistas! Personalize your Louis Vuitton With Mon Monogram

Louis Vuitton, the 150 years old luxury goods company has never cease to amaze me season after season with their trend setting fashions and luxurious handbags & accessories. I just received an email from Louis Vuitton announced the introduction of the “Mon Monogram” service. The service will allow you to customize your Louis Vuitton bag, ending up with over 200 million possible combinations on your bag of choice. The selection of bags includes the iconic Speedy, historic Keepall travel bag, or the Pegase 55 wheeled cabin case.

Click on the media player below to see a video from Louis Vuitton's

Since I was 16 years old, I’ve always LOVE Louis Vuitton! And now having the options to personalized my own Louis Vuitton bag is a dream comes true! Having a personalized bag will definitely makes your bag stand out in the crowd compared to others. I personally will only get the carry-on size bags like the Keepall and Pegases rolling luggage, because why would you want to check-in your luscious Louis Vuitton bags under a plane and they will just throw it around and ruin the bag!? I would certainly only carry it onto the airplane or take it in my car for weekend
get aways.

Pietro Beccari, Louis Vuitton Senior Vice-President comments:
“We are delighted to announce the launch of Mon Monogram on For more than 150 years, this company has united tradition and innovation, and there is no better example than this initiative, which brings one of Louis Vuitton’s historic services – personalization – into the digital era. It is another great reason to explore

Click on the media player below to see a video of the possibilities of your creations

Here is what my personalized Louis Vuitton Bags looks like! super chic!

So are you ready to create a couple of your very own personalized Louis Vuitton? you can click here visit (Personalize your Louis Vuitton) to begin the fun !

Untill next time, be well & look fabulous !

Alan + Mei-Mei the Pug :-)

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Luminous Skin Is Within Your Reach !

As many of you can relate to this, many nights I stay up late working, the stress, pollutions in the air, the sun, has taken a toll on my skin. It leaves me an un-even skin tone that's dull & lacklustre.

It has been almost 6 months I've been using SK-II Skincare and I am amazed how it has magically even out my un-even skin tone and smooth out my skin texture! So I decided to to a blog about SK-II products we think it's fabulous and it's a must have for all of our readers!


I've discovered that many Asian women all want to have "White" skin, but I think the word "white" is miss-leading! nothing more un-attractive than a pale un-healthy skin! The key is to find the right skincare ritual that's right for you to achieve a "Luminous Skin" that your skin tone is even and "bright" instead of lack of luster and dull.
In SK-II skincare, there is an key ingrediant "Pitera"that has been working wonders on mine and many people all over the world! (Even the beautiful actress Cate Blanchett is a big fan of this skincare line)

Click on the media player below to see what Cate Blanchett says about SK-II skincare collections

Pitera, was discovered purely by chance. About thirty years ago, a scientist noticed that the hands of workers at a Japanese saké brewery looked beautiful and young. This was the inspiration behind five years of research by a team of scientists who screened through over 300 types of yeasts and refined the precise conditions for fermentation, leading to the discovery of SK-II's signature ingredient, Pitera.
Derived from a unique yeast's fermentation, Pitera is a blend of vitamins, amino acids, minerals, and organic acids that work together to allow the skin's natural surface rejuvenation process to function at its prime, enhancing the renewal of the skin's outer layer. Continued usage of Pitera leads to clearer looking, smoother skin.

Pitera is the signature ingredient in all SK-II products, and is 'the secret key' to beautiful skin.

Facial Treatment Essence, which was also the basis of Cate Blanchett's discovery of the brand is over 90% pure Pitera. It provides instant moisture, and works to improve both texture and clarity; to promote a radiant, glowing complexion.


Pitera, a 'Secret Key' to beautiful skin
Pitera is a singular blend of vitamins, amino acids, minerals and organic acids that work together to help restore the appearance of your skin's outer layers, by enabling the skin's natural surface rejuvenation process to function at its prime. Today, scientists continue to marry this miracle of nature with breakthrough science in the advanced skincare line SK-II - which, like Pitera, combines nature's purity, incorporates timeless rituals for body and soul together with modern technology to restore the natural beauty of your skin.

So here are some of the skincare products I am currently using and it has worked like magic on my skin!

Facial Treatment EssenceThis unique Pitera-rich product moisturizes to improve texture and clarity for a more beautiful, glowing complexion. It also helps stimulate the natural renewal process of the skin's outer layer to rebalance and bring harmony to your skin. Women are so passionate about it that they describe it as their 'holy water'. It contains over 90% pure Pitera - the seemingly magical ingredient found in all SK-II products. Skin absorbs the benefits almost on contact. The result is supple, smooth, radiant skin.


Whitening Source Derm DefinitionThis revitalising gel emulsion enhanced with a Vitamin C derivative and Pitera hydrates and evens skin tone. It moisturises to promote a clear and translucent glow revealing brighter, more translucent skin.


Whitening Source Skin Brightener - AN INTENSE HYDRATING CREAM

Also designed to work in harmony with Whitening Source DermDefinition, this deeply-moisturizing cream helps to optimize the look of skin that lacks radiance and evenness. Skin Brightener is packed with nourishing hydrators and texturizers to give your skin the correct smooth texture and a beautiful, soft glow effect. It also contains micro-fine visual modifiers, to bring an impressively uniform tone to your skin.


This last item is not a skincare item but I love it !! there are some days you just feel like to conseal a little on your face and some coverage, maybe it's the pimple, or just want that extra coverage away from the damaging UV lights during the day this Air bursh in the bottle foundation is a must have for all fashionistas! No more thick, fake, caky foundation face anymore! just press the button on the bottle, for 2 seconds all over your face then you'll look fabulous, finished and no one wille ven guess you have foundations on! just let them believe you are just born with this beautiful skin! haha

Air Touch Foundation

Precision Re-Texturization. Achieves a look of flawless beauty. A unique form of foundation, using the wonder of ionization technology to arrange fine particles evenly over the skin. With Pitera and hydrators to help create smoothness and radiance reminiscent of a baby’ s skin. The Air Touch foundation ionizer comes with foundation refill


click on the media player below to see the demonstration of this fabulous air brush foundation!

I hope this posting is informative to you and maybe you should try some of the SK-II stuff, it worked fabulously for me! If you wanna experience the magic of SK-II products, you can get the full skincare collection at or SK-II official online store

Until next time, be well & look fabulous !

XOXO Alan + Mei-Mei the pug :-)

Saturday, February 20, 2010

Peter Som - An All American Designer

I just saw Peter's new collection for his fall-winter 2010, it's simply beautiful! After all the trouble in the past year his company went through, I am so glad he has finally making a successful come-back, a fabulous one I might add! I was fortunate to attended Parsons School of Design NYC for my college education and met lots of super talented friends and Peter was one of them. His clean, subtle luxe & all American chic style has set him apart from most of us both back in college at Parsons and now in the design world. Besides his undeniable talent and taste for fashion, he is also a person with a lot of wit, humor, easy going and simply a great person to be calling a friend.

I've seen Peter's very first collection starting back in year 2001, besides his undeniable talent & hard work, he has also being able to stay focus on his vision for each collections. Year after year, you can always count on Peter to give us the kinda uptown glam - downtown cool, effortless chic designer clothes you can actually wears in the modern daily lives! People often compare him to be "The next Michael Kors", but to me, he has his own very own unique taste and look that no one has!

As we all know, to achieve what Peter does, become a house hold name as a young designer that has all the fashion magazine editors such as the Queen of American fashion - Chief Editor of Vogue Magazine Anna Wintour who loves Peter's most recent Spring Summer 2012 collection and having the A-List Celebrities wanting to wear his creations is very tall order to achieve! But Peter has done it with persistence, drive and believing in his vision.

(Photos by Chiun-Kai Shih)

An amazing moments when young, uber-talented designer Peter Som, suddenly realized that the final word in NY fashion, Anna Wintour, actually loves his collection. A picture is worth a 1000 words.

(Photos by Chiun-Kai Shih)

(Photos by Chiun-Kai Shih)

Fashion is like the show business in Hollywood, both are selling "Dreams" & "Fantasies". Each season, designers dazzle us with their creative visions and beautiful collections all over the world, but when the reality of the world wide economy downturn sets in, every designers are effected by it and it has impacted Peter Some starting early 2009. Peter has had a bumpy ride over the years including losing financial backing. But his Spring/Summer 2010 collection, is reinstating his place as an accomplished and talented designer.

(Peter Som - Sprint Summer 2012 Collection)

He showed his collection at MAC & Milk Studios this year as an installation show, where those with invitations were allowed to come in and peruse the collection as you would in an art gallery. The models stood on a runway broken into three parts and posed for photos as guests sipped cocktails and water, chatted with Som as he strolled through the crowd and talked about the amazing collection.

(Fall-Winter 2008 Collection)

Peter took his inspirations—Lartigue's iconic photos of twenties-era Deauville, Hokusai's woodcuts, classic cruisewear—and wove them together with a sort of madcap thread. The mixture of colour and textures sets Peter Som’s collection apart from many others. mixing stripey tweeds with all manner of prints and off-kilter fabrics, like a turquoise leopard jacquard. He kept his silhouettes soigné but found ways to give his classic uptown standards a whimsical tweak.. For Som it was all about "season less dressing" and each piece is a very special by itself, to me, it's a very smart move because each piece is a "Must Have" piece that you can add to and mix with pieces you already have in your closet. I think that this thinking could be the way forward especially in these recession times. Peter Som is definitely one to watch. As they say what doesn't kill you only makes you stronger.

(Fall-Winter 2009 Collection)

Even with the troubling year, It did not seem like Peter Som held back on quality even though it was all out of pocket. Most designers rely on a certain financial backing in regards to releasing a line each season- Which can include up to 4 collections each year... but Peter Som still offers up a collection that was a collective of Mix Matched texture and color in Undeniable Som style.

(Fall-Winter 2006 Collection)

While Peter may have left his past with legendary American fashion house Bill Blass behind him, but with the many opportunities such as possibily be the head designer for Tommy Hilfiger & his new jewelry collections in the horizon, we'll see more of him & his creations in the future.

All I have to say is his Spring-Summer 2010 collection was a breath of fresh air and should turn even the most jaded, black-loving urbanite fashionistas into an optimistic pattern mixing master in the coming spring!
(Spring-Summer 2006 Collection)

As the year of 2009 is marching to the end ( yes 3 more months till the holiday season, the "happiest time of the year" haha) with the bright, colorful, sparkly collections Peter just shown in NYC, we hope all the bad news are behind you Peter! and we're all rooting for you! Keep dazzel us with your beautiful designs!

Untill next time, go shopping! support our fashion industry & designers! If you like to check out Peter Som's fabulous collections, you can find it at Neiman Marcus, Bergdorf Goodman, Nordstrom and many other stores (Click here to see the list of stores that carry Peter's collection).

Click on the media player below to see a behind the scene of his Fall-Winter 2008 Collection, how the models come for fittings, make-up & hair all the fun stuff of the exciting New York Fashion Week!

Come back to check out our blog again and see what "Must Have" & "Fabulous" item & things we found!

Alan + Mei-Mei the pug :-)

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Crazy About Designer Men Clutch Purse! Men & Women Spring Summer 2010 Clutch & Purse Review

Spring is just around the corner, as I'm start to put away my heavy winter clothes and accessories & I found myself can't stop checking out those super chic designer cluthes! Some is in hard metal case, some in soft envelope form leather material, pink one, gold one I want them all! Choosing the right clutches to go with your spring summer look is important! even tho is a small accessories but it says a lot about you! And in spring 2010 Men's fashion show in Milan, Paris & London, a "Men Clutch Bag" is back in fashion in full force!

Some of you might ask: What is a Clutch? A clutch purse is not seen on an everyday basis as often as it used to be, but these little gems are still around in various forms. They are usually small purses designed to be carried or "clutched" in the hand. Some have a detachable chain or leather strap so they can also be worn hanging from the shoulder.

The history of purses in general dates back to the Babylonian era. Purses were generally used in religious ceremonies then, and the modern wit might quip that they still have a holy significance to a woman. People figured out that they were useful for carrying money and valuables and purses became popular, worn on belts by men and women.

In the early 1800s, women began carrying reticules, the forerunner of the modern handbag, looking very much as some styles of the clutch purse look today. A lady of quality carried her handkerchief and smelling salts in her reticule, along with, perhaps, a packet of rice papers to dull a shiny spot on the face. The clutch purse has been popular ever since.

The clutch purse went out of fashion in the early 19th century, but experienced resurgence in popularity during World War II. With rationing, the smaller clutch required less material for manufacture and fit in well with a wartime mindset.

Until recently, most women would only be carrying a lipstick, compact mirror, Mobile phone, and perhaps a single key or, if it was an evening out with girlfriends, some cash. Nowadays, what with cell phones and wallets and other necessities, it’s much more difficult to go out with a tiny bag. For the nights when you don’t need to carry much, you can still get a charming clutch that holds just what you need and sets off your outfit as well

I’ve been carrying around my Balenciaga, Gucci Sigrid & YSL clutch under my arm for a week, and suddenly, life is easier! I grab everything I need, all at once on my way out the door, which is too much to fit into a pocket-sized wallet.

So I’m particularly delighted with the newest unexpected twist menswear runways - the introduction of clutches to men’s wardrobes.

Balenciaga Covered Giant Envelope Clutch
(Click on the photo below to see more details)

(Modeling Photo Courtesy by Kevin @ mymanybags)

Gucci Sigrid Patent Leather Clutch
(Click on the photo below to see more details)

Yves Saint Laurent Large Leather Clutch
(Click on the photo below to see more details)

Here are some pics of “Men Clutch” that’s showing up at many Men’s Fashion shows

Dolce & Gabbana Spring Summer 2010

Bottega Veneta Fall Winter 2009

Gucci Fall Winter 2009

If you think about it, it’s really not far-fetched. Men carry briefcases and portfolios, which are just as hard to carry as a clutch. So why not switch out an attaché case for a sleek Gucci envelope? Plus, these days, we’re carrying cell phones, wallets, Blackberries, keys and billions of other things! A giant messenger bag isn’t always a convenient, or appropriate, accessory for a night out. Look at Karl Lagerfeld (Design director of CHANEL) carry his own brand KL clutch out for a casual walk, super stylish & practical accessory for both women & Men!

The 21-year-old Portuguese soccer star Cristiano Ronaldo was spotted walking through busy street in London accessorized his outfit with a man clutch! I think it’s super stylish!

Ok ok, enough about the men! Now let’s look at some of the beautiful clutches for the Ladies!

For a casual look, an oversized clutch that can hold your wallet, sunglasses, lipstick and cell phone will be the perfect choice. Casual clutches are generally made of genuine leather, patent leather, suede or satin in pleasurable colors and designs. For an elegant clutch, a smaller version is preferred, with space for cash, credit cards, ID and a slim cell phone. Clutch bags look best with a pair of high heels. Once you start carrying a clutch bag, you will love its handy character, and will like grab it and go.

If the iconic Union Jack clutch is too patriotic for you, perhaps you’d like to try this Alexander McQueen Patent Leather Knuckle Duster Clutch. We have already seen this type of clutch before, but interesting enough, this new rendition comes in an exciting silhouette.

Alexander McQueen Red Union Jack Skull Clutch
(Click on the photo below to see more details)

Instead of coming in the usual square-y box shape of clutch, this clutch is in a rectangular shape, measuring about 9 x 3¼ x 1½ inches. It probably resembles to that of an eye glasses’ box, but of course, in a chicer design. Well actually, this exudes tough-chic appeal, which should not anymore be surprising considering that it has always been a signature for Alexander McQueen.

Alexander McQueen Python Knuckle Dusterl Clutch
(Click on the photo below to see more details)

Made from exotic python skin in black, It has black gun metal framing, and the interesting knuckle ring handle also comes in the same tone. This then has an attached jeweled skull and stone knuckle duster, giving this tough-looking clutch a hint of dark goth femme glam! I am already on the waiting list for it.

It is very clear that this Alexander McQueen Faithful Leather Glove Clutch is for the rocker type fashionistas. Well, we can’t deny that most of his creations exude that kind of appeal, but there are some that only shows a hint of such. Seeing this particular clutch obviously shows Alexander McQueen’s main theme and you don’t even have to guess if this is intended to look classic or simply tough.

Mcqueen Faithful Leather Glove Clutch
(Click on the photo below to see more details)

This Alexander McQueen clutch measures about 12½ x 6½ x 1½ inches, plus it also has angled zippers on the fold-over flap, and opening the clutch would also show extra zipped pocket. It is made from distressed black leather, which already brings a hint of toughness to it; but what actually makes this even tougher is the snap closure glove design on the flap.I’m not sure if you can slip your hand in it for a unique carrying option, but if it is intended to function as such, then this is without a doubt, exceptionally designed. But if not, this clutch is still fantastic anyway.

No one speaks the “Casual Hamptons Country Chic” better than designer Michael Kors! This clutch is mad with braded rattan with delicious dark chocolate brown leather strap as closure. Measure 4.5” L x 10.5” W x 2.5” D. Perfect size to fit all of our necessities in there and looking so chic without looking like you are trying too hard!

Michael Kors Santorini Rattan Clutch
(Click on the photo below to see more details)

When you think of sparkling evening bags who do you think of first? Judith Leiber of course! She is the master of using Swarovski crystals to create unique & elegant patterns on her super exclusive handbag collections! I particularly love this “Marguerite Floral Minaudiere” Clutch, the vibrant floral color just screams spring & summer cheer! It’s measures 3” H x 6.75” W x 2.25” D

Judith Leiber Marguerite Floral Minaudiere Clutch
(Click on the photo below to see more details)

How can we mention handbags without showing something from the super luxurious fashion house Louis Vuitton?! I LOVE LOVE this clutch! This slim yet multi compartment clutch & being slightly larger than other clutches, it’s ideal for using day or night!! The picture of elegance in iconic LV monogram canvas. Measure 10.5” L x 6” H x 1.1” D

Louis Vuitton Sofia Coppola Slim Monogram Clutch
(Click on the photo below to see more details)

To end this posting, here is Dolce & Gabbana Mens Spring-Summer 2010 fashion show, look at how handsome they look with the “Men’s Clutch bag” Bellisimo !

I hope this posting inspired you to start to think about & preparing your spring & summer wardrobe as I do and go pick up a fabulous clutch to accessorize your look this spring!

Untill next time, be well & look fabulous !

Alan + Mei-Mei the pug

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