Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Happy 50th Birthday Barbie !

As Barbie celebrates her 50th anniversary, an outrageously pink affair , I'm reminiscing about my own Barbie collection. I adored Barbies as a child. I loved dressing them in sparkling gowns and twirly skirts (My very first Barbie was the "Crystal Fantasy Barbie"). My Barbies had boxes brimming with tulle tutus, stylish suits, and pretty-in-pink dresses. I remember all the tiny snaps and bits of velcro and sweet ruffle detail.


My Barbies? They were fashionable, strong independent women who can do anything! and that bitch has everything! from her super hot boyfriend Ken to her fabulous malibu dream house and convertable.... she calls the shot & Ken always rode as a passenger in Barbie's pink convertible and Barbie is the one driving! LOL

She owned her own home, a two-story affair with lovely lattice detail, the fruits of a successful career as a veterinarian, Astronut, Nurse, Artist... Presumably, Barbie paid for all her own classy couture and grand living

When my Barbie ran for President, nobody wondered if the world was ready for a female in the White House (Maybe that's why I wanted Hillary to win the white house in this past election LOL). My Executive Barbie was never paid less than her male counterparts. I never wondered how my Doctor Barbie conquered work-life balance and date George Clooney in the ER room haha; she just did!

The fabulous festivities will continue with a Special Barbie Boutique and Exhibit at Colette in Paris and the grand opening of Barbie's first flagship store in Shanghai. Dylan's Candy Bar, Stila, and Bloomingdales will all join in the festivities.
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Barbie will be celebrating her 50th Anniversary with an outrageously pink birthday soiree thrown at a real Barbie Malibu Dream House, styled and decorated by famed “Happy Chic” interior designer Jonathan Adler.

She'll be walking the runway at the Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week in New York City, where 50 world-renowned fashion designers will celebrate the past, present and future of Barbie-inspired fashion.

Happy Birthday Barbie !!

You know, after all of Barbie's trailblazing and triumphs, she no doubt deserves such a grand jubilee.

P.S. Share with us what's your first barbie? Mine was Crystal Barbie with irredecent foils over-size scrunchie as shaw and a mermaid dress! Share with us what's your first Barbie?!

Xoxo Alan + Mei-Mei the pug

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