Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Fabulous Hussein Chalayan Creates “Big Bang” Mechanical Dresses

I just love anything that's relate to high tech, futuristic gagets, Galaxy, Mysticism, spirituality stuff and of course Fashion! so when I saw the super talented fashion designer Hussein Chalayan Created a "Big Bang" Mechanical Dresses in his 2008 collection, I had to share w/ y'all if you have not seen it, it's jsut smipily amazing!

Hussein Chalayan is certainly no stranger to incorporating technology into his fashions, as he already showcased a series of LED laser dresses earlier this year in Tokyo. During the 2008 Paris Fashion Week , Hussein presented his Fall collection, which included high-tech dresses used to symbolize the Big Bang

The designer created mechanical dresses that sent out moving spots of light to symbolize the big-bang theory of the beginning of the universe. It's a beautiful sequence that feels almost like a ballet. Here is a video from http://www.adam-wright.com/(open a new browsing window & go to http://www.adam-wright.com/, after the site is loaded, click on the right side says "Fashion" then click on "Hussein Chalayan: Big Bang" to see the movement of the moving gagets in action.

Also you can watch the whole fashion show at his official website http://www.husseinchalayan.com/#/videos.2008.2008_a_w_grains_and_steel/
"Big Bang Dress" is the finale, so you might have to watch the whole show till you see the dress

"The LED Dress"

Here is a video of this fabulous LED light dress in action

I hope you enjoy this posting as much as I did and untill next time, "live long and prosper" my friends !! haha


Alan + Mei-Mei the pug

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