Saturday, April 24, 2010

Chloe Marcie Tote - The perfect "IT" Bag for Everyday Fabulousness !

When I first lay my eyes on Chloe’s new “IT” bag the “Marcie” tote, I was immediately fell in love with it! The unique shape of the bag yet very roomy to fit lots of stuff, the super soft leather and the flap details at the front of the bag with all the contrast topstitching…. Everything is just perfect! So I had to call my favorite store Bergdorf Goodman to get one! And I just receive the bag today!! So I will post a photo of me carrying it to do a little “Show & tell” for y’all !

The Marcie tote comes in 2 sizes, small and large. I got the Large one and think it’s just the perfect size for a male fashionista like myself to carry to work, shopping in the city or head to the Hamptons beach house for a little get away in the weekends! Also this is such a classic shape (Not like some of Chloe’s more trendy bags that will only be good for a period of time then it’s last season’s news!) this bag will be fashionable & classic season after season!

This bag has matte finished gold-tone hardware, two wrap-detailed top handles, stitch-detailed fold-over flap at front with a buckle and strap to fasten and a welt pocket underneath, a zip fastening at top, designer-stamped zip-pull, designer logo discreetly embossed at front, internal zipped and pouch pockets and is fully lined in light-brown canvas.

Large: 17” (44cm) W x 14” (35cm) H x 6” (15cm) D

Small: 13" (33cm) W x 10" (25cm) H x 5" (15cm) D

Many of the Hollywood celebrities has already snatch up this fabulous new “It” bag !

Jessica Alba

Katie Holmes

Rachel Bilson

If you really want to treat yourself, the Chloe Marcie tote is also available in Alligator / Crocodile! Here is the size difference between small & large. I personally likes the Large !

If you are interested in getting this fabulous tote, there are couple stores you can get it online

Size small: (Click here to visit the store)

Large: had the size large in Black, Nut (the one I got in the photo shown below) & matte gold color. But now it seems all the online stores are all sold out the size Large, but my favorite store Bergdorf Goodman in NYC still has the large in many colors!

Call Bergdorf Goodman’s handbag specialist Jesse Kopischke (212) 872-2519 to get the size large Marcie tote! Don't forget to tell Jesse that "Alan" from fashionistas refer you! he will take good care of you! I just LOVE Bergdorf Goodman! Not sure what I would do without that store! LOL

Ok, as promised, here is the photo of me modeling my new large Marcie tote in my office! I LOVE this bag !

Ok, I am going to take my Marcie tote for a little walk on the Rodeo Drive for some more shopping! Until next time, be well and look fabulous !


Alan + Mei-Mei the pug


  1. I hope you are right about the large size...I ordered it in whiskey and hoping it won't drown me...

  2. HI Mona, thanks for checking out our blog! I just google how tall Rachel Bilson is and she is 5'3" so she is just about your height! the one she was wearing in the photo I posted in my blog she was wearing the SMALL size Chloe "Marcie" bag! so maybe the large one might be too big for you? I am 5'7" and the pic above of me carring is the LARGE size. maybe you should exchange to small if you worry it's too large for you! but many people love big bags so you can fit all the stuff in! I hope the store you ordered from will do exchange for you?

    call my favorite sales person at Nordstrom: Ryan Deleon (503)224-6666 ext. 1256 tell him Alan from fashionista's refer you, he will take care of you finding the perfect small size and color Chloe Marcie bag for you! he is fabulous!!

    Please subscribe to our blog! we talk about designer handbags and everything fabulous!

  3. Can you tell me which size Katie holmes is wearing?? i'm 5'5" and am worried that the large one may be too big. But as a mother, i need enough room for stuff in my bag.
    Also, is the bag itself light weight?? i really can't have a bag that is heavy in itself, cos once you put stuff in it, it'll weigh a tonnnne!
    thanks for the help!

  4. Hello, Katie Holme is wearing the Large size! if you are about 5'5" to 5'7" then Large will look perfect on you! I am 5'7" and it's the perfect size for me!

  5. Hi! I have a large Marcie, I am just wondering if the zipper of your Marcie splits all the way (splits into two)...mine does... I don't know if it is a defect

    1. Hello, it's normal the sipper split all the way and splits into two when you open it fully. which I love because it opens up more! so when you need to stuff a small cardigan into your marcie bag, you don't have to worry about the zipper tooth snag on your sweater! thanks for checking out our blog!


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