Friday, April 2, 2010

Clinique Fresh Bloom Luminizer - Gives You a Instant 10 Hours Sleep Rested Look & Healthy Glow

Is your skin looking dull, lack of that “Healthy Glow” due to not have enough sleep because of working late or went to that all night party (yes we’ve all been to those all night party that was super fun at the time but next day you look like a panda bear with dark circle under your eyes?!). Well for me, I often stay up late working on my projects till 2AM or later, so times when I woke up in the morning, my skin looks like shit! So I was on this mission to find a product that can give me an “Instant” healthy glow and I found Clinique Fresh Bloom Allover Color Compact.

I LOVE this product! It’s like an instant “10 Hours of Sleep in the box” ! you just brush very little amount all over your face it gives you that healthy glow like magic!! It’s so subtle, no one knows you are wearing anything but I’ve received compliments about how good my skin looks and I look rested! This is perfect for some of our male fashionistas ,too! Most of the bronzer or Luminizer are either too sparkly ( looks like you just dip your face into a bowl of glitter, which is not pretty!) or just look too heavy once it put on, but this Clinique Fresh Bloom Allover Color Compact is so subtle no one knows you are wearing anything!

To our girl fashionistas, this compact is a all in one make up in the box, too! You can either brush it all over your face ( if you want to apply more layers, it gives you more noticeable “Glow” effect) also can be use as blush & eye shadow! We have a photo courtesy of make-up artist “Whitney” who did a little demonstration to show you how it looks like on the skin. She put couple layers on so it looks more like a “Color Make-Up” but for our male fashionistas, just only use 1 layer all over your face then no one will know you are wearing anything, only just notice your awesome “Glow” & had a “Full night sleep” effect!

This fabulous compact is available at Bergdorf Goodman, Neiman Marcus, Sephora and most of the stores all over the world! When you have time, go to your local department store to check it out, it is so fabulous I just LOVE it! I have a medium skin color and "Almond Blossom" works perfect !

Until next time, be well and look fabulous!


Alan + Mei-Mei the pug

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