Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Designer Saundra Saulnier - Parisian Chic Meets New York Street Cool

I was very fortunate to met the super talented Parisian designer Saundra Saulnier in Los Angeles and was immediately impressed by her unique creative vision in fashion & style which is “ Sexy, Sleek & Simple”. Her most recent collection says exactly just that!

 Mademoiselle Saunlnier knew since she was a little girl that she would be a fashion designer. Taught to sew by her dressmaker grandmother, the French Canadian native designed and sketched all of her clothes, took classes in art and pattern making, and studied the world of retail to gain a comprehensive understanding of the diverse aspects of the fashion business.


After been the design director for various design houses such as Esprit de Corps, Bebe Los Angeles…etc. in 2007 Saundra started Ultrakat Productions Inc. in Paris, a full-service design consulting company with clients worldwide. She also launched her SZ brand, a sleek, sexy, simple, low maintenance clothing collection for "Women On The Go" of all ages.

"Fashion is an adventure of joy and an expression of self. Clothes call to an individual and connect you creatively to your soul. To design the timeless favorites that one pulls out of their closet repeatedly; that a person knows makes them feel and look their best and fuses into their way of living, is rewarding as a fashion designer." Said Mademoiselle Saunlnier.

Her most recent collection featured many of the "Essentials pieces" that every fashionistas should have in their closet! Imagine you have to travel last minute to Paris for couple days with just one of your Louis Vuitton duffle bag, just bring couple of Mademoiselle Saunlnier’s "SZ Collection" pieces, mix it, layer it & it creates many looks for each occasions in your trip! Her "Sexy, Sleek & Simple" separates are just perfect for the girl on the go!

Click on the video player below to view her most recent collection! C’est tres chic, tres fabulous!

If you are interested in finding out more about the fabulous Saundra Saunlnier & her designs, click here to visit her official website

Saundra Saulnier.com

Until next time, be well and look fabulous!


Alan + Mei-Mei the Pug

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