Sunday, April 4, 2010

Shabby Chic Easter Table Crafts & Favors – Paper Napkin Decoupage Eggs Martha Stewart Style

Today is the Easter Holiday & I would like to wish all of our Christian & Catholic readers a Happy Easter & to our Jewish readers, Happy Passover!  So in this blog posting, we would like to share with you one of my favorite way to decorate the Easters eggs that I've learned from the domestic diva Martha Stewart! So join us with this super fun project & brighten a clutch of undyed eggs with stylized patterns from paper napkins, then tuck them into chipboard baskets to give as Easter favors.

No need for meticulous cutting: A loose trim around the designs will do, as the napkins' edges will blend into the eggshells.
Chipboard baskets, packed with the colorful creations and holiday sweets, are decorated with coordinating tags.

Blow Out Eggs

1. Pierce both ends of a raw egg using the tip of a sharp craft knife. Twist knife gently in holes to widen them slightly, with bottom hole a bit larger.

2. Poke a straightened paper clip into the larger hole; pierce yolk, and stir.

3. Hold egg, larger hole down, over a bowl. Insert the tip of a rubber ear syringe (available at drugstores) into smaller hole. Blow air into egg to expel its contents. Rinse egg with warm water; drain. Blow air into egg again. Let dry.

Paper-Napkin Decoupage How-To

Patterned white paper napkins (we used Summer Hamptons Lunch Napkins No. 4873, $5.95 per set of 20, by Paper Products Design, from

Cherry-Blossom paper napkins in sky blue No. 004817, $6.25 per set of 20, from

Mod Podge glue sealant (matte finish: No.19574255), by Plaid, from, or similar decoupage glue

Small and medium craft brushes with noncolored handles

Blown-out eggs

Optional for Display

Paper tags & Wood filler

Mini baskets, from

3/8-inch reed handles (No. 1038F), from

Easter grass in Cappuccino (No. GR009), $3 per 3 ounces, from

Here is an episode of my favorite show "Martha Stewart Living" Easter special

Isn't this project super easy?  I hope this posting inspired you to go to your local craft store and create your own super chic easter eggs to impress all of your fashionista friends! If you like to learn more fun & chic decorating ideas and tips, click here to visit Martha Stewart's official website ! I LOVE her! she is fabulous!

Until next time, be well & look fabulous! Happy Easter & Passover!


Alan + Mei-Mei the pug

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