Friday, May 28, 2010

Shopping At Scotland for Chloe Vermillion Red Marcie Tote - The Must-Have Perfect Red Bag

Ok girls, we all know know how hard it is to find the perfect RED color bag! either they are too orange, too dull looking or the design is just ugly! but this season, the house of CHLOE has presented this perfect RED bag that every fashionistas all over the world are all trying to land their hands on one of this "Vermillion" red color Marcie Tote!

I am so excited to introduce you our newest contributing editor "Becky" from Glasgow, Scotland! She is gonna share with us about this newest Must-Have "IT" bag - The Chloe Marcie tote in the beautiful "Vermillion" Flame red color!

I'm a massive Mulberry fan. I was in a dept store in my home city Glasgow,Scotland checking out the newest Mulberry styles. To be honest I was horrified. The colours are fabulous but the new Spongy Patent Leather is not my cup of tea. As I walked out, I looked around properly for the first time in ages. Vermillion Marcie was just above eye level and she stopped me in my tracks.

I think of Paddington & Silverado when I think of Chloe and they aren't my thing. I briefly had a Bays and a Saskia but sold them on. So I wasn't prepared for the elegance and simplicity of the lines of Marcie. The leather is so soft and strong and luscious. The colour is so uncompromisingly RED. And what in the world can you say about Marcie handles. Utterly sublime!

I went home and googled for pics and info and went back the next day, half hoping it was a fleeting fancy rather than a falling in love! However I knew this was it and I also knew I did not have anywhere near that amount of disposable cash.

So I went home again and looked at all my Mulberrys and decided to sell some of them to fund this. I have to add that because I looked at Marcie, I looked at all of the Chloes, and saw a Large Nutmeg Paraty which broke my heart with its beauty. Which one?? Marcie or Paraty?

Well I went home and pulled out all my bags, sold £2000 plus of them, and bought both Chloes!! Luckily at 20% discount that day.

I sold some beloved bags to fund this I can tell you. However most of the sales were to girls on The Purse Forum and the pleasure I have got from their pleasure has only added to my happiness with Marcie and Paraty.

It is very hard to find a fabulous Red bag that doesn't wear you.  I think Marcie is that bag because she lifts your spirits just too look at her and lifts your outfit without overwhelming it.   -  Becky

Thanks Becky! for your insightful report of your lovely Vermillion Red Marcie tote!! If you are interested in getting one of this fabulous Chloe Marcie tote, click here to visit CHLOE official website for boutique near you! if you live in USA, contact my favorite Chloe Boutique @ Las Vegas ask for store manager "Kymmie" or "Shari", tell them Alan from Fashionistas Daily sent you, she will take great care of you!

Chloe Boutique @ The Shoppes at the Palazzo
Store manager: Kymmie & Shari
3327 Las Vegas Boulevard South
Las Vegas, NV 89109
tel: 702-266-8122
fax: 702-266-8133

If you live in Europe, Please visit one of my favorite online store
Cricket ask for store owner "Justine" and tell her Alan from Fashionistas sent you, she will take good care of you! They ship worldwide! (I've orderd from cricket and only took 3 days to arrive in USA! super fast & reliable shipping!)

Store owner/manager: Justine
9 Cavern Walks Matthew Street
Liverpool, L26RE
United Kingdom
Tel # 44 + 151 227 4645

After seeing this beautiful bag, we just have to show you Chloe's Fall-Winter collection, it's fabulous!

Until next time, be well and look fabulous!


Alan + Mei-Mei the pug


  1. i really like this contributing editor series... great idea!! i look forward to seeing more from your fashionista followers!

  2. Hi Mariel: Thanks girl! I think it's great to have fashionistas from different countries/Cities to share with us their fabulous finds & their fashion insights! xoxo


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