Saturday, June 19, 2010

Ancient Chinese Beauty Secret Reveal - The Rice Water !

For thousands of years, the rice water & the enzymes that have been found in the sake making process has been treasured by many Asian countries as the “fountain of youth” for beautiful skins. The nutrient-rich rice water can be very beneficial for the skin. When used as a toner, it hydrates, clarify & brighten the dull skin tone, reduces redness, removes impurities and even helps get rid of pimples and black heads. So here are some fabulous skincare products that all has “RICE” as their main ingredient to help you to achieve a youthful radiant skin!

L'Occitane Rice Skin Care Collection
(Click the photo below to check out the whole collection)

SK-II Skin Care Collection
(Click the photo below to check out the whole collection)

Fresh - Rice Sake Bath & Rice Dry Oil
(Click the photo below to check out the whole collection)

Perlier - Black Rice Platinum Beauty Kit
(Click the photo below to check out the whole collection)

Don’t forget to check out these fabulous skin care products and start to experience the magic of “Rice” that Asian women has been enjoying for thousands f years! Just in case you can’t wait to try the benefits of the “Rice” has to offer, here is a video of a super easy and in expensive way to make your own magic “Rice” water to make your skin looking younger!

Until next time, be well and look fabulous!


Alan + Mei-Mei the pug

Thursday, June 17, 2010

Fendi Fall Winter 2010 Peekaboo Bag & Shoes Preview

Ok Fashionistas! I know it's only the beginning of the summer season, but I bet all of you are wondering what will be in store for the fabulous House of Fendi this coming fall-winter 2010? Especially their super fabulous Peekaboo handbags & accessories! So we've contacted Fendi and received these photos to share with all of you! I will not keep you waiting any longer, here are a little preview of Fendi fall-winter 2010 accessories!

OMG! There are sooo many fabulous bags and shoes for Fendi this fall! I want everything! haha.  Here is just a small preview of what will be in Fendi boutiques this fall & winter 2010.  If you like any of the item you've seen here or want to find any particular style/item, call my favorite Fendi specialist

Takashi Matsuzaki
FENDI Boutique New York (5th Avenue)
(212) 759-4646

Also don't forget to visit FENDI official website to see the complete collection! We hope you enjoy this special preview!

Until next time, be well and look fabulous!

Alan + Mei-Mei the pug :-)

Saturday, June 12, 2010

Special Guest Editor Series - Shopping For Chloe Ash Grey Color Marcie Bag

Fashionistas all over the world are all crazy about this new fabulous "IT" bag by Chloe - The Marcie Bag! It's made in the most luxurious & soft bufflo leather and available in various of Luxe colors! In our previous posting, we have presented you the luxurious "Vermillion Red" color Marcie bag, in this posting, we are so happy to introduce you our newest contributing editor "Tara" from the mecca of fashion - New York City to share with us her shopping trip for this fabulous Chloe Marcie bag!

Chloe has many beautiful new colors on their website for their Marcie shoulder bag, but seeing them in person is always a different and usually better experience. So I head out to the usual lot of department stores here in Manhattan that carry Chloe & visit Chloe's boutique. My main interest in this "window shopping" excursion was to see the Ash ( grey) color in person, and be able to photograph a few bags in action to share with all of you! What I ended up focusing on was the new Ash color large Marice and the Cannon gunmetal metallic small Marcie.

First stop was Bergdorf Goodman and wow one week later everything they had from Memorial Day weekend was gone! They barely had any bags, although the salesman said they expected more stock in a week.  Luckily, I walked over a few blocks to Bloomingdales. Here they did have the small Ash Marcie Hobo.....

Oftern people wonder about the about under arm fit of the marcie bag, and how comfortable it is. In my opinion it is one of the rare bags that looks great over the shoulder and handheld. I also found it extremely comfortable carried over the shoulder.

Saks Fifth Avenue has this on pre-order on their website, but if anyone wants one right now Bloomies NYC has the Small/Medium size in stock. It’s a good example of a bag not quite looking the same online.
It’s still a beautiful bag, but it’s not as saturated royal blue as it appears on the Saks website. The reason I have no picture is the saleswoman was to put it politely not pleased to see my camera. I was lucky to snap only one at Bloomies of the Marcie Ash hobo, alongside the gunmetal Cannon small Marcie.  I'll refrain from commenting on their customer service, except to say it's quite ironic to wander around the rest of Bloomies and see tourists with their cameras clicking away inside the store.

Luckily they were much nicer at the actual Chloe boutique on 70th/Madison Avenue. Where most of my pictures are from there. Before I get to the grey Marcies, they did also have a Small Marcie shoulder bag (not the hobo) in the Vermillion Red color (since I have been in love with the large size, it was nice to see that color and style in person- again not as bright as I thought which in this case is a good thing). I thought this Vermillion Marcie shoulder bag (with the double handles) was only available in Europe, but I was indeed shown the small size here in NYC , that was previously blogged about by our guest editor "Becky" from Scotland.

I like the gunmetal small Marcie as well, thus it got equally photographed; This is one difficult bag to photo due to the metallic nature of it and camera flashes and so forth.  I felt some of the pictures give it an orange hue which is not accurate at all. 

Chloe's new beautiful Ash color is very true to life in these pictures. On the close up pic of the large ash there are some orange marks near the top handle - that is completely related to my camera- and of course not on the bag.  I Just wanted to add that I double checked the color tags off all the bags and these did indeed say ASH.

If you are after the Marcie in other colors I definitely recommend contacting the NYC or Las Vegas Chloe boutique as they had many new arrivals from Paris in stock and many colors tucked away in stock drawers and so forth.

Thanks Tara ! for sharing your shopping trip with us and all the fabulous photos!

If you are interested in getting one of this fabulous Chloe Marcie tote, click here to visit CHLOE official website for boutique near you! if you live in USA, contact my favorite Chloe Boutique @ Las Vegas ask for store manager "Kymmie" or "Shari", tell them Alan from Fashionistas Daily sent you, she will take great care of you!

Chloe Boutique @ The Shoppes at the Palazzo
Store manager: Kymmie & Shari
3327 Las Vegas Boulevard South
Las Vegas, NV 89109
tel: 702-266-8122
fax: 702-266-8133

Or give my favorite handbag specialist at Bergdorf Goodman in New York City a call, Bergdorf Goodman is the more high-end department store branch of Neiman Marcus, since there is only 1 Bergdorf in USA, if you don't live in the NY state, it's TAX FREE shopping ! they ship worldwide,too! Tell Jesse that "Alan" from refer you, he will take great care of you!

Bergdorf Goodman
Handbag Specialist: Jesse Kopischke
(212) 872-2519

Here is Chloe's Spring-Summer 2010 fashion show

Until next time, be well and look fabulous !


Alan + Mei-Mei The Pug :-)

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