Thursday, June 17, 2010

Fendi Fall Winter 2010 Peekaboo Bag & Shoes Preview

Ok Fashionistas! I know it's only the beginning of the summer season, but I bet all of you are wondering what will be in store for the fabulous House of Fendi this coming fall-winter 2010? Especially their super fabulous Peekaboo handbags & accessories! So we've contacted Fendi and received these photos to share with all of you! I will not keep you waiting any longer, here are a little preview of Fendi fall-winter 2010 accessories!

OMG! There are sooo many fabulous bags and shoes for Fendi this fall! I want everything! haha.  Here is just a small preview of what will be in Fendi boutiques this fall & winter 2010.  If you like any of the item you've seen here or want to find any particular style/item, call my favorite Fendi specialist

Takashi Matsuzaki
FENDI Boutique New York (5th Avenue)
(212) 759-4646

Also don't forget to visit FENDI official website to see the complete collection! We hope you enjoy this special preview!

Until next time, be well and look fabulous!

Alan + Mei-Mei the pug :-)


  1. OK, so I totally think I need a peek-a-boo. Which style do you think is write for me? There are SO many choices. xo Mish

  2. Hey Mish! tell me which material or color that you like I can recommend you some! I know you like both the black & bright colors. I got one is dark brown leather outisde with the beaded fendi FF logo all over inside (remember the one you help me to get?) I love that one! but for everyday use, you should get something that's durable inside. let me know which color you like and do you like exotic skins like python? I'll email some pics!! and Takashi is the sales person whom had helped me so much and super friendly! he is at the 5th ave boutique!

  3. I personally feel if you want a black one, the 2nd photo from the top (Black outside with light blue/blk leopard print pony hair lining inside ) is a great one for you! it goes with your super chic black outfits in your closet! did you see the 4th one down from top the Mink peekaboo? I LOVE it but it cost $11,000 !!! they also have black alligator peekaboo! I wish I can afford it, it's like $12,000 !


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