Saturday, July 3, 2010

The Fabulous Vidal Sassoon Japanese Ad Campaign with - Namie Amuro - Patricia Field - Orlando Pita

Ever since I saw the Japanese super pop star Namie Amuro’s Vidal Sassoon commercial on youtube, I’ve been addicted to it! Vidal Sassoon has hired the famed stylist Patricia Field whom made the hit show “Sex in the city” a fashion icon TV show, pairing with Hair styling guru Orlando Pita and costume designer David Dalrymple, with these creative power all star team behind it, they made this ad campaign super fabulous!

The ad campaign featured the Japanese super pop star Namie Amuro. In the ad, with her many new looks, fun & energetic songs had re-launched the new image of Namie Amuro.

One of her popular singles called “COPY THAT” was featured in the 1st ad campaign as Namie Amuro doing a catwalk down the runway from London, Russia to Los Angeles and each has a total different look & hair style. I love all 3 looks, but LOVE the “Los Angeles Look” the most!

Click the video below to see the commercial. Also see what stylist Patricia Field & costume designer David Dalrymple's idea behind each fashion looks

In her second commercial, she had portrayed herself as a gorgeous astronaut whom has the most beautiful hair in the universe! She traveled to the space with Swarovski covered helmet and body-suit, that’s what I call “ Traveling in style” ! haha! Her singles called “My Love” had used in this commercial.

Click the video below to see the commercial & see what stylist Patricia Field’s idea behind each fashion statement & hair guru Orlando Pita’s vision of the “weightless shinny” hair looks, don’t forget about the fabulous futuristic outfits designed by costume designer David Dalrymple

The 3rd commercial was styled in the European fairytale fantasy setting. Beautiful costumes, glitters… it was just a beautifully thought out commercial. Click the video below to see the commercial & behind the scenes of making of this commercial

We hope you enjoy Namie Amuro’s Vidal Sassoon commercial as much as I did! Now I am feeling like going to get a bottle of Vidal Sassoon shampoo & conditioner to make my hair as beautiful as Amuro’s LOL

Don’t forget to check out Vidal Sassoon official Japanese website! It’s fabulous! Click the photo below to visit their website !

For more of Namie Amuro's new songs and news, don't forget to visit her official website! click the photo ofher below to check out her newest album!

Until next time, be well and look fabulous!


Alan + Mei-Mei the pug

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  1. Vidal Sassoon is the CHAMP - his many teachers over the years sublime. Quite a few of whom own their own saloons across the world.


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