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Rocking The Black Metal Chic & Dark Glamour With ChthoniC 閃靈樂團

I am a big music fan! from Pop, country, rap to Rock & metal music.... I love them all! The fashion industry & music industry are like twins, they two separate entity but they also influence each other on every level. So as I was surfing the web, try to find any good new music band that's out there, the group "ChthoniC 閃靈樂團" unique black metal style fashion, music & their video caught my attention! As I did more research about them, I just had to blog about this fabulously "Dark" music band & their one of the kind inspirations of their music and style.

Doris, Thunder Tears – bass, backing vocals of ChthoniC

Just like I mentioned earlier , the theme “Goth” , "Black Metal" has inspired many fashion designers over the years, here are some of the looks from the runway that feature this type of look & inspiration.

Junya Watanabe

Christian Dior 2006 Spring Haute Couture

Alexander McQueen

The band's name ChthoniC (a name deriving from a Greek word signifying spirits of the underworld) is a Taiwanese black metal band, formed in 1995 in Taipei. The group incorporates influences from traditional Taiwanese music including the classical Chinese instrument erhu.

The themes of their songs & style are mostly surround the defiant spirit of early Taiwanese colonizers, fictional wars between aborigine's gods with Han's gods, Taiwanese folklore and mythology, and the historical event.

Here is one of their video "49 Theurgy Chains 鬼縛"

I love their super rad yet spooky make-ups! the lead singer Freddy Lim's forehead was painted with traditional Buddhist spell paper motif with one eye wearing the white and other the black eye contacts symbolize the "Ying-Yang eyes" which legends has it the people who can see the spirits from the other world has the "Ying-Yang eyes".

Also in their music video is full of traditional Taiwanese folklore & Buddhism "18 levels of hell" inspired imageries, make this group not just another screaming metal band, but a style all of their own!

The lead vocalist, Freddy Lim, is notably active in the political scene and supports Taiwan independence. In February 2009, Freddy Lim and Doris Yeh participated with human rights activists at the Taipei zoo panda exhibit, which symbolises China's attempts to establish soft power relations with Taiwan. Also they fly to Tibet to meet with Dali Lama supporting human rights and Free Tibet. The band's stated goal is to use their music to bring ancient history and mythology into the modern era, especially the tragic history and myths of Taiwan to the world.

With Anthrax guitarist Rob Caggiano at the production & mixing helm, ‘Mirror Of Retribution’‘Where The Ancestors’ Souls Gathered’ sees the award-winning musicians further developing a style that started with the ’99 album , blending full-on metal of the darker persuasion with traditional Taiwanese instruments such as two-string violin, the hena (Erhu).

ChthonicC Doris & Celebrity Tattoo Artist Kate Von D of LA Ink

“The story behind this album combines true historical fact with an ancient myth of hell,” explains bassist and band spokesperson Doris Yeh. "Amongst other things, we make reference to the famous "228 Massacre", which was the biggest ever massacre in Taiwanese history. Tens of thousands of Taiwanese were killed by the Chinese army. The final battle of the event occurred in the middle of Taiwan, where 40 local militia attempted to resist 2,500 soldiers from the Chinese army. In the end, the militia lost their lives near the Sing-Ling Temple.

This five-piece set-up Chthonic (a name deriving from a Greek word signifying spirits of the underworld) have delivered an 11-track body of work that touches on both the spirit and mortal worlds, with loss of national identity and the sometimes turbulent history of their homeland recurring themes.

Don't forget to visit their official website ChthoniC.Tw (There is a button on their website's upper right hand corner that you can switch the language between English & Chinese )

If you can understand Mandarin Chinese, then please enjoy this TV special featuring ChthoniC

Episode 1

Episode 2

After hearing and seeing Chthonic's unique style of music & fashion, if you like to do an everyday kinda "Goth / Black Metal Chic" look, here is a make-up tutorial to show you how

Until next time, be well, look fabulous and ROCK 'N ROLL !


Alan + Mei-Mei the Pug

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