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Guest Editor Ryan Deleon at Marc Jacobs Fall Winter 2011 New York Fashion Week Report

We're so excited to introduce to our reader our new guest editor Ryan Deleon from Portland, Oregon! Here is his fabulous report on his trip to New York Fashion Week at Marc Jacobs Fall-Winter 2011 collection!

Back in November, my company (Nordstrom) launched a contest for the manager that sold the most Marc Jacobs during the holidays. The winner got a round-trip flight to New York, 2 nights at the James Hotel and a ticket to his Fall/Winter 2011 runway show!!! As soon as I found out about it, I knew I HAD to win!!! After 6 weeks of hard work and countless hours of stressing, I found out that I won! Like beat everybody in the company. Me. From Portland, Oregon... I was elated!

When I landed in New York, I found out Marc had arranged a car service that came and whisked me away to my hotel! It felt like a scene from a movie... I arrived early in the afternoon, so I had plenty of time to shop! I hit up a few of my must-sees in SoHo, like the new Kardashian store, Dash! Amazing! The city was invigorating, but it all felt so right. It was like I was home. I knew right away that I was going to have an amazing trip!

I flew in on a Sunday and the show was Monday, so for dinner that first night a couple of the Marc reps took me to the cutest little Italian restaurant (I forget the name). We had a delicious meal and I picked their brain about the show. This was only their second time going and they were just as nervous as I was.

The night of the show came and I spent a good hour and a half picking my outfit! I had been planning for weeks what to wear, but I brought a few different choices just in case. I ended up going with my first pick (surprise), which was all black! I figured, what's more chic than that? I was a total high-low mixer that night--my sweater was H&M, my jacket was John Varvatos Star and my jeans were Givenchy. Of course, I had my obligatory Marc Jacobs handbag, but other than that, I tried to keep a minimalist look.

I met up with my main contact, Kim, at the Marc Jacobs showroom in NYC and nearly DIED! In the lobby there were all of Marc's awards and various trophies he had collected over the years. When I finally got to go in, I handbag after handbag lined up around the room. I got to touch and feel all of the pieces that didn't make the runway (the mink was so SUPPLE!). I also got to look at all of the new collections and colors for fall (metallic quilting--yes!). It was incredible!

After the showroom we went out to cocktails and straight to the show! As we were getting in line, Kim handed me my ticket and the other girls around me nearly fainted! My ticket was for a second row seat!!! Kim informed me that she had to fight VERY hard for this ticket because all of the other Marc employees had Standing Room tickets... They didn't even have seats?!? I almost started crying... AH-MAZING!

As I sat, waiting for the show to start, the flashbulbs started going off. I could see from a distance that none other than the Queen herself, Anna Wintour, had entered the building! Again, I almost DIED! Just as I was recovering from seeing her, Martha Stewart walks in. Okay, honestly, with this one I was a bit confused... But still, it's MARTHA! Then, the celebrities to end all celebrities walked right past my seat--FERGIE and JOSH DUHMAL! O...M...G! Amazeballs! However, she was quite shorter than I imagined...

Photo courtesy by Alice Bensi /

The show started with the thump thump of Marlyn Manson's "Beautiful People" and the first model came strutting out. At that moment it hit me. I was at the Marc Jacobs runway show! OhMyGod! It was really happening! As each look walked past, I got more and more excited. The latex. The polka-dots. The shoes! It was an incredible collection that was such a departure from his spring collection... This is what we'll see next year for fall on every other designer's runway.

After the show I lingered around a bit to see if I could meet any of the celebs that were at the show. While I was sad to hear that Fergie and Josh had cut out a bit early, I did get to meet a few goodies--Leighton Meester, Vanessa Hudgens, and Bryan Boy to name a few. While Leighton was a bit grouchy, Vanessa was the sweetest, most beautiful woman there!

Also, I think Bryan Boy was impressed that I knew a bit of Tagalog when I said, "Salamat" for taking a picture with me! My new goal is to get him to follow me on Twitter (@RyanJDeleon).

Hope you enjoyed my trip to New York Fashion Week half as much as I did!   -Ryan-

Thanks Ryan for your fabulous report on Marc Jacobs fall winter 2011 show!  Here is the video of this fabulous fashion show !

Until next time, be well and look fabulous!


Alan + Mei-Mei the Pug

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